Thermax’s hybrid chiller is a breakthrough innovation and a unique combination of electrical chiller and absorption chiller technologies.

Traditionally, in an electrical chiller as we lower on temperature scale, the power consumption of electrical chiller increases drastically. The high efficiency hybrid chiller can produce upto -40oC , while reducing power consumption by 50%.

The award winning chiller harnesses the advantages of both electrical chiller and absorption chiller technologies in one product.

Operating Range

  • Cooling capacity: 50 to 200 TR
  • Chilling water temperature: from -5oC to -25oC
  • Heat Source: Steam, Hot Water, Exhaust Gas, Fuel firing

Product Features

  • Reduction up to 50% of Overall Power Consumption
  • Generates Higher COP with Available Waste Heat
  • High Operational Savings
  • Flexibility in Operation
  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Reduces Dependency on Grid Power